Trivita Review- An Inside Look From Someone Who Didnít Join Trivita

Published: 30th October 2009
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Trivita is a health and wellness network marketing company headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona. Trivita is a 9 year old mlm and does well over 100 million in annual sales.

Technically, Trivita isn't an mlm at all even though they have a dual seven level uni-level reciprocity compensation plan. This is a type of network marketing compensation structure. Trivita employ a strategy called cooperative marketing.

Cooperative Marketing is a model where you 'cooperate' with Trivita, and 'Trivita' in turn cooperates with you. Trivita has infomercials running on TV and also advertise on radio and in direct mail. Network Marketers can purchase customers directly from Trivita so there is no need to sponsor.

Trivita is undeniably a proven company and lot of industry leaders such as Brian Garvin and Jeff West ( are using Trivita for another income stream. If you are looking into the Trivita mlm and is wondering if it is a legit company or not, then Trivita is definitely the mlm for you.

Trivita is owned by a 35 year old parent company name Ellison Media, Inc. This company does a billion in revenue each year for its clients such as GE, BMW, Motorola, and Disney. Ellison Media is owned by Michael Ellison and Michael Ellison owns Trivita.

It is your decision if you want to join Trivita or not. You won't find much negative information on Trivita. Trivita definitely is a good business opportunity and a lot of people are taking notice of this company. If you feel that you want to link up with Trivita or already have well then you have made a good decision. Now let's build those downlines shall we.

I want to let you know that although Trivita does allow their independent distributors to purchase customers for 50.00 each. Every successful person knows that you can't build a huge organization by purchasing lots and lots of customers.

Network Marketing has definitely been given a bad reputation due to people not wanting to take action to get the outcome they desire or due to the fact that some people lack training and systems to produce the outcome they desire.

Either way 95% of mlm'ers fail due to lack of training, lack of leads, and cash flow. If you want to grow a huge organization you are going to have to learn how to market. Having someone to show your business to is what separate those who are failing from those who are succeeding.

Master Marketers know that you can't build a huge organization off of your warm market or by relying on someone to do all of the work for you. If you have chosen network marketing for your plan b, you have choosing a great opportunity.

But you better learn how to market if you don't want to end up like 95% of network marketers.

If you want more leads than you have time with Trivita or any other network marketing company, you must master how to attract endless prospects to you. The only way this has been done is through Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is about getting people to chase after you instead of you chasing after people.

Thousands of network marketers achieve success in their mlm business after reading the full Trivita Review on the MLM Success Funnel website.

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